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  • Brian Schallhammer

    If you come out with a polarized-lensed version of the Blue Magic Mirror Gold, I think you'd add some devoted customers. For morning/evening lake swims/triathlons, the sun's glare on the surface of the water can make sighting buoys and landmarks very challenging, even painful. Polarized goggles cut the glare substantially (I'll never go back), but they're very rare in the marketplace so getting a good fit has been a frustration. Enter THEMAGIC5!

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  • Alec

    Dear Brian, 

    Thank you for your feedback. We will definitely consider this to our development pipeline!

    Best Regards


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  • michaeljcostello12

    I love the fit of my goggles but they always fog up within 10-15 minutes of getting going.  I've never had a pair that didn't so could just be my particular face shape.  Can I use anti-fog spray for swim goggles?

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